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Planting Bermuda Grass


As with all grass types there is a fast way to do this and a planned way.  Fortunately, bermuda grass tolerates most soil types well so the two primary factors for success are heat and water.


The ideal time to plant bermuda grass, whether by seed, sod, or plugs, is early summer when day time temperatures are consistently above 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  This assures that the soil has warmed up sufficiently to stimulate the root growth that allows bermuda grass to establish and spread.

However, bermuda grass will also require regular watering until it has established well.  If your area is under water restriction, either postpone your planting plans or be sure you have a reliable source of water (e.g. well, creek, or lake) that is not affected by the restrictions.

More specific directions for planting bermuda grass can be found by clicking the Seed, Plugs, or Sod options on the menu above.